Living in LA as a Mom and a Lawyer. Get Your Ish Together

Welcome to Two Moms, One Podcast. A podcast where two moms with different parenting styles come together to show that you don’t have to agree to be the best of friends.

We’re Raewyn and Yvonne, two mom bloggers who live on opposite coasts and often have opposite parenting styles! We’ll be releasing podcasts weekly covering products, current events and featuring awesome guest speakers!

Emily D. Baker is your go-to law girl. With more than 13 years of legal experience and over 10 years negotiating with children, Emily is the person you want to know before you need her. Emily started her legal consulting business to help purposeful online business owners protect their business and grow wealth. Anyone can make money online, but not everyone builds wealth, though they should. Emily believes that you deserve to be protected and outrageously successful. Aside from the law stuff Emily is a tech nerd, bulletproof coffee drinker and pokemon go expert trainer and TEDx speaker. You can find Emily across social @EmilyDBakerESQ and on YouTube & TEDx

This week we shared these products we love:
Use= Thedahliascene to give me an extra life
Pokemon Go

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